An all season destination, in Manitowoc you can experience fluffy snow in the winter, bright flowers along Mariners Trail in the spring, hot summer days and crisp leaves in the fall. Along with every season, there are unique seasonal events and activities to experience. 

Fall brings unique displays of yellow, orange, and red leaves all across Manitowoc. This makes autumn the perfect season for a brisk hike at Lower Henry Schuette Park, Silver Creek Park, and Camp Vits as the colors change. Keep track of the changing colors by watching Travel Wisconsin's Fall Color Report for real-time updates. 

Want to see what to wear along our coast today? Check out the local weather forecast here.


Manitowoc is conveniently located off of Interstate-43. Download a map below to help you find your…


Manitowoc, Home of the Great Spirit, can date the origins of its name back to 1822. Then, the Native…