There are a variety of reasons to seek healthy restaurants in your hometown and while on vacation. Whether you are looking for fresh ingredients, a light meal to hold you over until dinner or filling, nutritious meals, you can find it in Manitowoc.


Don’t overlook the basics. A simple wrap or sandwich can be the perfect mix of healthy, tasty and filling. Wrap It Up serves hot and cold wraps, paninis and light breakfast options. Gluten-free wraps are available and many items can be made without common allergens. Their extensive drink menu includes smoothies with real ingredients that can give you a much-needed vitamin boost.

  • 830 S 8th Street
  • 920-242-6445

A coffee shop and bistro in one, Wrap It Up serves healthy wraps and specialty drinks. With the recent addition of the annex, Wrap It Up now has a bar as well.

For fresh subs, heart-warming soups and deli salads, you’ll want to pay a visit to Maretti’s Italian Deli. They serve Italian and American subs and deli sandwiches on freshly baked bread, which pair nicely with their homemade minestrone, chicken noodle and tomato basil soups. There are also plenty of salad options, including alpine, Mandarin chicken, antipasta and crab salad.

  • 823 Buffalo Street
  • 920-684-9151

Maretti's has a selection of soups, salads, pasta, and subs to offer you a refreshing lunch.

For farm-to-table meals from Thursday to Sunday, go to Wisconsin Café. Located inside Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, this brunch and lunch spot sources all of their ingredients from local farmers which means you’ll be eating the freshest cheese curds, cherry French toast and burgers possible.

  • 7001 Gass Lake Rd
  • (920) 726-6010

Wisconsin Café is located inside Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center and serves fresh farm-to-table sandwiches, cheese curds, and more! Don't forget the ice cream for dessert, of course.

If you are looking for a nutritional breakfast or afternoon snack, a great stop is Retro Eighth Coffee & Açaí. Fulfill your caffeine needs with creative coffee and tea drinks while meeting your vitamin and mineral needs with açaí bowls that are full of whole ingredients such as nuts, seeds and fruits.

  • 801 N 8th St
  • (920) 374-6302

Retro Eighth is one of Manitowoc's newest coffee shops, featuring unique flavors of brews, delicious acai bowls, and baked goods. Once an autobody repair shop, Retro Eighth is now a hip spot to grab a drink with a friend.

Another local café, Harmony Café & Juicery, has a selection for the health-conscious. Grab their Hipp Juice, 100% raw unpasteurized juice made several times per week, for a nutritional boost. Different flavors feature good-for-you ingredients including celery, ginger root, agave, coconut, green apple, and beets. There’s also plenty of greens on the menu in their sandwiches and salads. Their fresh basil and lettuce is produced in their own indoor hydroponic farms year-round.

  • 921 S 8th St
  • (920) 374-3200

Harmony Cafe & Juicery supports Grow It Forward's mission to provide people in need with dignified access to good food. Recently relocated to downtown, their new space offers a unique dining experience serving quality food made to order.

Izumi Sushi and Asian Fusion, a popular sushi spot, features a variety of lighter menu items. Since sushi typically has raw fish, you can hit your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, while pairing their clear or miso soup for extra vitamins and minerals. 

  • 50 Maritime Dr
  • (920) 717-0130

Located in the heart of downtown, Izumi Sushi and Asian Fusion opened in late 2022 and is quickly becoming a local favorite. With classic favorites like California rolls, crab rangoons, and General Tso's chicken, as well as creative new items like Manitowoc rolls, Izumi Sushi is…

For a healthy meal that's filling and delicious, stop by Manitowoc Pho & Grill. They serve large bowls of pho, a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and a protein. You might even have leftovers of this hearty soup to take home with you!

  • 1421 South 10th Street
  • (920) 374-4343

Opened in late 2023, Manitowoc Pho and Grill has a variety of rice dishes, pho, Vietnamese and Korean sandwiches, and soups.