Happy New Year! Although Manitowoc is known for its brewing history and drinking culture, there are plenty of ways to participate in Dry January. Whether you're abstaining from alcohol for the health benefits, pregnant, or looking to clear your head, you can participate in Dry January or enjoy a mocktail any month of the year. For full listings of where to get a drink, go to our Breweries & Wine Bars page or Bars page. 


Waterfront Wine Bar

The Waterfront Wine Bar is known locally for their creative cocktail menu that rotates seasonally. The same creative and skilled bartenders who came up with the unique cocktails can just as easily turn them into mocktails. The Waterfront Wine Bar also has a list on their menu dedicated to just mocktails and NA options, including O'Doul's, Busch NA, Busty Lush Tropical, CBD waters and popular drinks such as the Old Fashioned, margarita and sangria made with alcohol alternatives. 

Smiling man holding drink at Waterfront Wine Bar in Manitowoc


Brick's Downtown Bar & Grill

Brick's Downtown Bar & Grill is a farm-to-table bar and grill with elevated cuisine and drink options. Sink your teeth into their juicy burgers, fresh flatbreads or bacon-wrapped cheese curds while sipping on a mocktail. Their full bar also has plenty of room if you aren't hungry and are just looking to enjoy happy hour, alcohol-free, with virgin-ritas, Seedlip cosmopolitans and mocktail mules (pictured below). 

Mocktail mule on bar at BRIX in Manitowoc


Sabbatical Brewing Co.

While they don't provide freshly mixed mocktails, Sabbatical Brewing Co. must be mentioned on this list for their dedication to providing non-alcoholic options. While your friends try local craft brews, you can try a few of the non-alcoholic beers and wines on the menu including a S'mores Dark Brew and Hive Hard Honey Wine. 

Hard Honey Wine and NA Oktoberfest on Sabbatical Brewing bar


Ryan's on York

Another bar and grill, Ryan's on York is known for their unique handhelds and noodle bowls. Ryan's also boasts a wide variety of cocktail options, including NA options. Try the Virgin Cider, Virgin Thai, Pear-ly Cocktail, and more all made with N/A rum or gin. 

bar area at Ryans on York in Manitowoc

Waterfront Wine Bar

  • 2 N 8th Street
  • 920-652-9466

A popular destination for both tourists and residents, the Waterfront Wine Bar has a wide selection…

Ryan's on York

  • 712 York Street
  • 920-905-0700

Ryan's on York is a gastropub with creative entrees, handhelds, and juicy burgers. The staff and…