With access to buying almost anything we want through online retailers and convenient two-day shipping, it can seem impossible to buy gifts for loved ones these days as we assume they already have what they want. One way around this is with unique, thoughtful gifts that the receiver didn't even know they wanted until they saw it. 

After spending a considerable amount of time shopping in Manitowoc, a few items seem to stick out and draw the interest of most shoppers. These items are the holy grail of "things I didn't know I wanted" and make the perfect gift for people who seem to have everything. 


Bracelets from The Flower Gallery

These one-size-fits-all bracelets are easy to put on and match with any outfit, making them a fit for almost everyone. The bracelets are affordable, at only $14.99, so you can double up and get two different colors or pair them with festive socks or lotion for a gift with more variety. These specific bracelets shown below (and a second case) are available at The Flower Gallery, although substitutes can be found at many other shops around Manitowoc. 

case of colorful gem bracelets at The Flower Gallery

Nuts and Chocolate from Beerntsen's

One of the top choices to buy gifts from for that special someone any time of the year is Beerntsen's Confectionary. Here, you'll find beautifully packaged nuts, chocolates, and candies. Get a cute molded Santa chocolate for a coworker, a bag of nuts for your uncle and gummy worms for your niece all at one quick stop. 

nuts in bags with Christmas ribbon on them at Beerntsen's

Wisconsin Products from On the Surface

There's just something so special about honey and syrup made locally. It's typically healthier for you than what is mass-produced in grocery stores and helps support local farmers and growers. On the Surface also sells high-quality olive oils, spices and spreads. 

local honey and syrup display at On the Surface

Sports Merch from Heart & Homestead

If you're shopping for a Wisconsin sports fan, head to Heart & Homestead. Here, you'll find a large variety of Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers gifts.

Milwaukee Brewers merchandise at Heart and Homestead

Artist Puzzle from Rahr-West Art Museum

Pick up a puzzle based on a famous painting at the Rahr-West Art Museum's gift shop. Once put together and framed, these puzzles double as fantastic wall art for fine art connoisseurs. 

rahr gift shop at angle


Cheese Spread from Pine River Dairy

An area favorite, shelf-stable cheese spread from Pine River Dairy finds its way to the table at most holiday gatherings. Give the gift of tasty cheese spreads in flavors such as smokey bacon, aged asiago, port wine, and toasted onion.

pine river cheese


Find other great gifts by browsing our shopping page and visiting Manitowoc's many stores and boutiques. 

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